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Biggest Religious Festival Essay of The Christians


On this auspicious day 2,000 years ago, the great Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, was born to enlighten the world. Religious Festival EssayChristians believe in the birth of Jesus Christ without intercourse with any mortal man. In that sense, he is the Son of God to Christians. He landed in a broken barn of a low-income family in Bethlehem, Arabia (now Palestine). From there, in the infinite glory of the Creator develops the direction of this light of salvation, at the touch of which the vicious circle of sin brings peace to the human heart. 

This festival is celebrated every year on the occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, according to the beliefs of the early Christians, Jesus entered Mary's womb precisely nine months before this date. According to this calculation, the birth of Jesus is celebrated on December 25.


Religious Festival Essay

Christian Festivals Essay and Holy Days

Although December 25 is Christmas Day, the festival starts on the evening of December 24. The Christmas holidays in educational institutions start long ago, with office holidays from the 24th to the New Year. Festivals abound throughout America. The celebration begins on December 24 (Christmas Eve) with a gathering of social and family friendships. However, preparations for this festival have been going on for months. Preparations for this grand festival begin with collecting gift items for loved ones from Black Friday after Thanksgiving Day, the last Thursday in November, as is customary.



The Christmas tree has been unveiled at New York's famous Rockefeller Center for Christmas. The 6 feet long tree is decorated with 45,000 different colored lamps. Every year since 1933, Christmas trees have been trimmed at the Rockefeller Center in New York. Numerous tourists visit The United States in December each year to enjoy the festivities. The festival’s social phase ends with the joy of lighting Christmas decorations at home, various institutions, including churches, setting up ‘Christmas trees’ in shopping malls and houses, decorating Christmas trees with colorful balls, herbs, candy, and other materials.


 Biggest Religious Festival Essay of The Christians


Gift items are exchanged at every level of educational institutions and workplaces, and banquets are organized. In the game of Secret Santa, gifts are exchanged with great pleasure. During this time, shopping malls became bustling. The long ‘Christmas tree’ and the red dress and white hair-beard, the gift-filled red shoulder bag placed in the colorfully decorated mall attract the children in a significant way. On the occasion of 'Christmas Day,’ almost every house is decorated with bright lights. Many people go out with their cars to see the beauty of this light decoration.



The most prominent icon of the Christmas festivities without the Christmas tree is Santa Claus. Little children are unconscious to say, Santa Claus. They think that Santa Claus is the best friend of children, Santa Claus is very kind. At Christmas time, Santa from the far north pole carries a load of gifts for the kids on his back. Every house goes home; he leaves the gift for the baby at home. Where does Santa go? Santa doesn't stop anywhere; Santa knows about all the children in the world. So Santa has to stay on the run. 

But good luck, Santa arrives in a sled car. Santa Sledge runs nine rain deer. So Santa doesn't have to walk with a chubby body. Why is Santa so fat? This question is quickly answered by any child, Santa has to go to everyone's house and eat 'milk and cookie,’ so Santa has become so fat. The modern answer to the child’s mind.



Thus, the biggest religious festival of the Christians became a universal festival. In the light of Christmas Eve, the ‘Christmas Day’ formality begins with various events, emotions, and feelings in the presence of friends and family loved ones. Throughout the month, the gift items stored next to the ‘Christmas tree’ placed in the house were opened with joy in the presence of all. Delicious food is arranged in every home at night. 

The whole night was spent in ecstasy. The central prayer meeting will be held on the 25th at noon. At this time. The team rushed to the church in new clothes. Participate in special prayers for the welfare of all the people of the world.

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