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Another Countries that Celebrate Christmas the Most


Christmas Day with nightfall. December 25 is the birthday of Jesus Christ. The day is the name of the biggest festival of Christians—religious and social days. The Christian community around the world celebrates with great enthusiasm. The Christian community all over the world is getting ready for the day.

Countries that Celebrate Christmas the Most

With the day ahead, Christians decorate their churches, homes, gardens, businesses with Christmas trees, candles, and lighting. Let life be joyful and enlightened. Let it be its outward manifestation. Everyone goes to see their family members and friends with gift items.

The main attraction of the big day is the Christmas tree decorated with various gift items and cards. As well as each house is decorated with colorful lighting. At the same time, keeping in view the needs of domestic and foreign visitors, various measures have been taken in the city's renowned star hotels. They take preparation for a long time to attract customers.

Countries that Celebrate Christmas the Most

Special prayers are offered on this day for the peace of all the people of the world and for the country's people to live happily ever after. Police have taken various security measures to avoid any untoward incident.

Most Americans are Christians. So a huge event is going on in that country. Lots of discounts are being given in various shops across the country on the occasion of the day. So at this time, America is full of shopping crowds.

On Christmas Day, those who live in Nigeria leave the city and move to the countryside. As a result, Nigerian cities are empty during Christmas. Then all the crowds are in the rural and suburban markets. There is not much excitement about cakes in Nigeria at Christmas. There is a lot more delicious cooking of meat in different positions than making cakes in the country.

Summer is when Christmas comes in Australia. Australia celebrates Christmas in the same way as Europe and Europeans. Indigenous peoples have their religion in the country, but they participate in Christmas celebrations. Australia has two big Christmas games, the tradition of Boxing Day Tests and Yacht Races, from Sydney to Hobart. A massive procession of about five lakh people gathered in Adelaide, Australia, to spread the message of the arrival of Christmas. On the other hand, a musical show called Carols by Candle Lights was held in Melbourne.

Christmas touches in Italy from December 6. Everyone has been busy making Christmas trees for a long time. Mother Mary, Joseph, a donkey, a duck, baby Jesus are also caused to paint pictures of the time of Jesus' birth. In Italy, the day is on fire for about a month. The festival ends on January 8. Everyone picked up the Christmas tree that day.

In Brazil, the time of Christmas is summer. But talk about Christmas. Everywhere Europe and America are decorated. Particularly in big cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, it's like watching the outfit. Since it is not cold or snowy, cotton is spread on the Christmas trees. The most fun is in the city of Curitiba. There is a lot of competition around house-to-house decoration. The judiciary looks around to see how beautiful the house is. Biggest Religious Festival Essay of The Christians.

The Christmas festivities in Mexico are different from any other place. Not only that, the style of celebrating Christmas is much higher in number, about thirty. As soon as Christmas approached, Mexicans went door-to-door, it went on for about nine days, the fact that after the birth of Jesus, Mother Mary went door-to-door day after day for a little shelter, keeping this ritual in mind. . Mexican observed for a long day. It begins with a feast called La Guadalupe on December 12 and ends with an epiphany feast on January 8.

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