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Christmas Tree Traditions Around the World

Beginning of The Christmas Tree Tradition

Many people have seen the Christmas tree at Christmas. After hanging all sorts of things on the green tree, the whole tree looks strangely beautiful when the lights come on and off. The fun of decorating a Christmas tree with apples, birds, candles, pigeons, fish, flowers, fruits, and angels is different. They are decorating the Christmas tree with other colored lights. It was no introduced in one day, or it is can say that it was not there from the beginning. But how did it come into tradition? Let's find out the origin of the Christmas tree.


As much as it is fun at Christmas, there is a lot to be gained from decorating this Christmas tree. The most common people use as a Christmas tree is the fir tree. It is a fir tree. This tree decorates with different colors of lighting and other products. The Christmas tree can be real or artificial. At first, it was only a matter of the royal court. Later, however, the practice of arranging this tree began to spread among everyone.

Candles On The Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

In addition to the use of light on the Christmas tree is decorated with various ornaments. A star or angel place on top of this tree. This angel symbolizes Jesus Christ born in Bethlehem. This Christmas tree was introduced first in Germany in the 18th century. However, no one can say for sure where and how this Christmas tree arrangement came.

The beginnings of decorating a Christmas tree is intertwined with European traditions. According to Christian belief, the Christmas tree tradition is associated with Boniface, a saint from the German town of Geismar. St. Boniface (62-654) saw a fir tree growing on an ancient oak tree’s roots. He established it as a sign of faith in Jesus Christ.


However, the custom of arranging the Christmas tree is not very old. Martin Luther introduced this practice. He presentedMartin Luther introduced this custom as a symbol of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.


 Long before the advent of Christianity, Gaul’s people (now France) used to arrange evergreen trees in various ways during the snowy winter days. Not only that, the stalks of these trees were hung on the doors and windows of their houses. The common belief in many European countries was that witchcraft, demons, evil spirits. These evergreen trees act as a shield against disease. The ancient Romans held a festival in honor of the god of agriculture. They decorated their houses and temples with evergreen tree stalks. Even the Vikings considered these trees to be the favorite tree of their sun god Valdar. The Germans should credit with introducing the Christmas tree at Christmas. This trend started in the 16th century. From then on, these trees began to be arranged like pyramids. Martin Luther, a Protestant reformer, began decorating the tree with candles for the first time. He also added small stars to it. There would be apples too.


The Christmas tree was introduced to the United States by German settlers in the 1830s. Although hundreds of years ago, German immigrants from the United States used to decorate this tree in their homes to celebrate Christmas. By the 1840s, it was still considered part of the pagan religion. Many Americans did not take it that way.


Christmas tree

So when did the Christmas tree become popular? The full credit goes to Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Before Christmas in 1848, the queen urged her German husband, Prince Albert, to arrange a tree in the same way as a child at Christmas. Prince Albert decorated a green tree in the German style with various sweets, candles, and ornaments. Pictures of the tree appeared in various London newspapers, sparking a competition between the British and American elites to decorate a Christmas tree. In 1882, Edward Johnson, an associate of Thomas Alpha Edison, installed electric lights in the Christmas tree for safe lighting. From then on, they used electric lamps instead of candles. In 1879, under the 23rd President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison, the Christmas tree was decorated in the White House for the first time. Since then, the Christmas tree has become the main attraction of Christmas. 


According to tradition, the tree cannot be decorated before Christmas Eve on December 24. And it was removed on the 12th night, that is, on January 8. And many people think that not following this rule can be wrong. But now the Christmas tree is arranged much earlier, though not traditionally. In Germany, it is usually placed on December 24 and opened on January 8. In the Catholic tradition, it is decorated until the end of January. In Australia, it is decorated in early December and kept until the summer holidays.



The Real Christmas Tree

In many countries, different species of trees are arranged as Christmas trees. However, the main Christmas tree is considered to be Picea abies. This tree is native to Europe. This tree is commonly called European spruce. Many times it is also called Norway Spruce. More information about Christmas most countries celebrate.The name Picea is derived from the Greek word pizza. But the term Picea in Europe, in general, refers to the pine tree. And abies is the common name of the fir tree.


Christmas tree

It is a fast-growing evergreen tree. They are about 35-55 meters (115-180 feet) long. The 63-meter (207-foot) tall tree was found in Norway. The trunk of an adult tree is about one to one and a half meters long. Their leaves are like needles. The color of the leaves is dark green.

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