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Traditional Christmas tree Decorations Idea 2020

 Christmas Tree Decoration You Have To Know

An integral part of the Christmas celebration is the Christmas tree. We’ve all seen a Christmas tree in a store with a star hanging from the top and a tree hanging from tree hour. But have you ever wondered what this tree has to do with our Christmas celebrations?

Christmas tree decoration

This ritual was not Christian from the beginning. This was the custom of the pagans to decorate the house. The use of the evergreen Christmas tree began long before the birth of Jesus Christ. In ancient times, pine or fir trees were considered a symbol of good fortune by people in temperate lands. At that time, people thought that if there were evergreen trees in the backyard, no evil force, including ghosts, could come close to the house’s threshold! But now the Christmas tree we see began to be used in Germany in the sixteenth century. At that time, German Christians were celebrating Christmas.

Christmas tree decoration

 Why Traditional Christmas Tree Names

The Christmas tree decorates in many different ways besides the use of light. There is a star on top of this tree, which symbolizes the angel i.e., Jesus Christ. There is no written evidence of how this ritual of Christmas tree decoration started. There are various stories about this. According to one such information, a child appeared in Rome’s poor wooden house one-day shivering in the winter. The wooden couple was devout. They caressed the baby and put him to bed on a soft bed. In the morning, the child took the form of an angel and said, 'I am Jesus.'He gave the wooden couple a branch of a fir tree to entertain him and asked them to bury it in the ground. Then on Christmas day, the department was seen to be full of golden apples. Then they named the tree Christmas Tree.


Christmas tree decoration

Christianity Night and Christmas Tree

According to another legend, St. Boniface, a saint from the village of Crediton in Devon, England, once traveled from England to Germany to convert the German pagan tribes to Christianity. There he encounters a group of pagans who were preparing to sacrifice a boy for an oak tree. An angry Boniface cut down the oak tree. But be surprised when you see a young fir tree born from the roots of that cut oak tree. St. Boniface took the fir tree to Christianity and asked his followers to decorate the tree with candles so that he could convert the pagans to Christianity that night.

Day of Nightfall, December 25 Celebrates different countries with different arrangements.

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