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Christmas History Why December 25 is Christmas?

Many great human beings have come into the world to enrich human civilization. But on someone's birthday, the country and abroad are not united in this way. Born abroad, Jesus Christ is revered in India. Before Christmas Day, the house is lit up, the Christmas tree, the stars, and the bells. The bakery shop smells of all kinds of palm cakes, pastries, cookies. It is said that the birthday of a great man will be celebrated by cutting a cake. The foreign sweets that have been in the packet since December 24Also at the guest reception. The festival started on December 24 and ended on January 5. Welcome to the English New Year.


Why December 25 is Christmas?

Why gossip at Christmas?

History tells us that on December 25, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem’s bosom in the bosom of the Virgin Mary. The Son of God’s advent to awaken the love of God, mutual brotherhood, and love in people’s minds. To erase violence from the world. And for that, he did not hesitate to die on the cross. His followers later became known in society as Christians. Religion is divided into Catholic and Protestant. The book containing the words Jesus later became known as the Bible.

Why December 25 is Christmas?

The Bible does not give a date for Jesus' birth. However, the first Christmas was celebrated on December 25, 336 AD, during the reign of the first Christian emperor in Rome, before the birth of Jesus. A few years later, Pope Julius officially announced that date as Jesus' birthday.


Christmas tree

The custom of arranging these trees in festivals is less than a thousand years ago. In northern Europe, fir trees were then put in this way. In addition to the fir trees, the cherry trees were also decorated with lights. Those who were very poor used to collect pieces of wood and decorate it with triangular shapes. Gradually this trend spread all over the world. Let him be decorated with lights, sweets, toys, stars, bells. Slowly this wave of festivities came to the third world like India. In the same way, the Christmas tree is decorated here on December 25.

The secret of Santa and the gift

According to legend, many centuries ago, in the fourth century, there lived in Asia Minor, a very kind man named St. Nicholas. His parents died at a very young age. Being very rich, he always helped the poor. He would secretly leave gifts for them and run away.

One day Nicholas finds out that a poor man has three daughters. Those who are not getting married due to a lack of money. As soon as he heard that, he climbed on the roof of the man's house and left a bag full of gold in the chimney. On the same day, the poor man dried his socks in the chimney. Suddenly a bag full of gold fell from the socks into the room. Not once, but three times. The man last saw Nicholas. Nicholas, however, forbade anyone to say so. But ever since then, whenever anyone received a secret gift, they thought it was Nicholas.

 Why this Christmas Gradually the story of Nicholas became popular. Besides, it was customary in Europe to give gifts to children at Christmas. Nicholas became St. Nicholas or Father Nicholas. Who is a resident of the ice-covered polar province? The night before Jesus Christ's birthday, everyone drove home in a sled to put a smile on everyone's face. The deer pulls his sled. Even today, on the eve of Christmas, I keep my socks hanging very small. If St. Nicholas or Santa Claus quietly fills the gift with their hanging socks! 


How to celebrate

The celebrations started on December 24. It lasted for 12 days. This festival is, therefore, also known as Twelfth Night. The festival ends on January 5 of the new year. Christians remember the Lord through food and drink, gifts, decoration of houses.

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