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25 Best Christmas Quotes For Christmas Wishes

Celebration Time- Best Christmas Quotes


Christmas Quotes #1


“Christmas stops us and gives us a chance to focus on the important things around us A time when we can look back on those years that have passed and prepare for next year. ”- David Cameron


Christmas Quotes #2


"Christmas is a holiday season, a time when people are more kind and generous" - Gisele Bundchen


Christmas Quotes #3


"Christmas is neither a time nor a season, but a state of mind The real meaning of Christmas is to be filled with a spirit of peace and harmony and a feeling of compassion and kindness. ”–Calvin Coolidge


Christmas Quotes #4


"A good heart means a soul, a constant Christmas" - Benjamin Franklin


Christmas Quotes #5


"I respect Christmas from the bottom of my heart and will try to keep it all year round" - Charles Dickens


Christmas Quotes #6


"Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want, and adults spend on it. Deficits occur when adults tell the government what they want, and children spend on it. ”- Richard Lamm

best Christmas quotes

Christmas Quotes #7


"Christmas is a holiday that hurts the lonely and the lonely" –Jimmy Canon


Christmas Quotes #8


"Of course Christmas is at home, both mentally and physically" –Garry Moore


Christmas Quotes #9


"Christmas makes me happy It doesn't matter what time of year it is. "- Bryne White


Christmas Quotes #10


"Christmas is not a season, it's a feeling" –Edna Ferber


Christmas Quotes #11


"Some people come to hug you because of Christmas, some people come to strangle you because of Christmas" –Robert Staughton Lynd


Christmas Quotes #12


"In business, if it weren't for Christmas, it would have to be invented" - Katharine Whitehorn


Christmas Quotes #13


 "Christmas morning and school holidays are the happiest moments of the year" –Alice Cooper

Christmas Quotes #14


“One day we will understand the suffering of others

I will consider the happiness of others as my own happiness

That day will be the real Christmas”- Merry Christmas

Christmas Quotes #15


"The the day we learn to love more and more people will be the real Christmas" - Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #16


"The excitement and excitement of Christmas, always fill your life with happiness" –Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #17


"This is what I want from my heart, always enjoy your life." I pray that you will always be healthy and at peace. ”–Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #18


"Like Christmas, may your life be as beautiful as the Christmas tree and as bright as the stars of the future" –Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #19


"May this beautiful holiday, like Christmas, bring endless happiness, joy, and peace to your life." –Merry Christmas

Christmas Quotes #20


“Happy Christmas today. Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ Whether it is Christmas, Christmas or Xmas, December 25, means a lot of joy and love. Merry Christmas to all peace-loving Christians on this auspicious day. "


Christmas Quotes #21


"Happy Christmas to all, best wishes and love" –Merry Christmas

“Christmas means a lot of joy and love. Merry Christmas to you all on this happy day. ”- Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #22


"Happy Christmas and love Stay well, stay healthy and keep others well. ”- Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #23


"Happy Christmas to all. May the blessings of the Lord Jesus bring happiness, peace, and prosperity to all. ”- Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #24


"May the life of all be enlightened by the sacrifice and glory of Jesus Christ, may the teaching of sacrifice be enlivened by all. " - Merry Christmas


Christmas Quotes #25


"As many dreams as you have in your eyes, and as many wishes as you remember, may all be fulfilled this Christmas." This is what I pray to Jesus. ”–Merry Christmas


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