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Should Know How is Christmas Celebrated Around The World

How is Christmas Celebrated Around The World

Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas, today. We should Know-How is Christmas Celebrated Around The World? The founder of Christianity was born in Bethlehem's barn, near Jerusalem, 2019, years ago. Jesus came as the Savior of mankind. By rescuing people from the path of violence, hatred, filth, he wanted to show the path of love, compassion, reconciliation, and beauty. So his birthday not only brought joy to the Christian community, it was a day of joy to all mankind.


Christmas Celebrated Around The World

The message of human ideals that Jesus preached has always been applicable and significant to all, regardless of race or religion. His message of peace is eternal. Jesus' call and sacrifice are against all evil. He offered his peace to the afflicted. Jesus was subjected to inhuman persecution while preaching doctrine. But no persecution could divert him from the path of truth. He did not speak out against the oppressor but forgave him. He has accepted the tragic consequences of being crucified to give human beings the highest dignity of love and humanity.


There is so much violence, so much unrest, and conflict all over the world today. Jesus' message of peace can be a way to end this conflict. The essence of every religion is humanity. Humanity is also at the root of the message of love and hope preached on the occasion of Christmas. So let Christmas be the day of the rise of the good intellect of all the misguided people.


On Christmas or the holy birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, we greet the followers of Christianity worldwide. On this occasion, we wish the welfare and liberation of the entire human race irrespective of religion, caste, and creed. Just as Jesus used his life to free mankind from oppression and exploitation; How man sacrificed himself to bear the burden of all grief; May the spirit of liberation and renunciation spread among the people in the same way. This is what we expect. May Jesus' teachings of moderation, tolerance, and love be the path of all. May Christmas inspire every person in the teachings of peace, love, and harmony. Let violence and unrest be removed from the earth. Merry Christmas.

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