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All About Christmas: Christians Forbade Christmas in America and Britain

Most Christians Forbade Christmas in America and Britain

December is a festive time for Christians. The same thing happened in Britain the day before. Throughout the month surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ, the familiar people were in a frenzy. Peoples have crowed into the bar. Everyone with family and friends used to spend their time playing and singing. Puritan Christians, however, considered these to be wickedness. Of course, many people used to go too far.


forbade Christmas

Who are the Puritanical Christians?

In 1844 the Puritan Christians decided to abolish Christmas. They were followers of the Protestant Christian faith. According to them, these are the festivals of the barbarians and the ungodly, with which the Christian scriptures have nothing to do with the Bible. They say that December 25, the birthday of Jesus Christ, has no basis in the Bible. So for some time, all Activities related to Christmas was banned there. Even religious prayers were illegal in the churches that day. In America, too, puritanical Christians viewed the festival as anti-religious. There was also a ban on Christmas in some areas for the same reason. For example, in the state of Massachusetts, the ban was in force from 1859 to 181.


When was Jesus Born?

The common belief is that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th. But there is also a lot of controversy in Sen. Some theologians believe that he was born not in winter but spring. The stories surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ refer to flocks of sheep. They also said that sheep should not be kept in the winter field because it should be icy then. Many again think that Jesus may have been born in the autumn. But, indeed, the Bible does not mention the date of the birth of Jesus Christ.


All About Christmas

How Did Christmas Come Back?

Many people did not accept these restrictions easily. There have also been widespread protests over the right to sing, drink and celebrate. England banned Christmas until 180. Christmas tree the most traditional tree on Christmas day. When Charles II ascended the throne, the law was replaced. And that's how Christmas came back.


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