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Essay on Christmas Day Celebration : Significance of Christmas Day

Christmas is The Best Time of The Year Essay

Introduction: - When the life of the weak becomes miserable due to the oppression of the strong, Christmas day essay when the life of the common man becomes dark, only then a great man appears. Jesus Christ is one of those who have appeared to show the light of salvation in human society. He was born as a beacon of light to guide lost people.


Christmas day essay

The birth of Jesus Christ and his religion: - 

On a winter night, December 25, the great Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem, two thousand years ago. Jesus' father was so poor that he took refuge in a stable with his expectant mother, Mary. Jesus was born in this stable. On hearing a prophecy tonight, three wise men followed a bright star and came here to see Jesus. From them, the miraculous word of Jesus spread all around.

Jesus did not receive special education because of poverty. His father's livelihood was animal husbandry. But can the radiance of the one who guides the path of light goes out? In a short time, he won the hearts of many people. He gained knowledge from various contemporary religions and scriptures and introduced a new religion called Christianity through his efforts. He told everyone that the Merciful God is the Father of man, and that human life is involved in many sins. God is the source of forgiveness. He will do good to everyone if he believes in God.


Christmas day essay

Birthday of Jesus Christ: -

December 25th is Jesus' birthday. This day is celebrated by Christians as Christmas. This festival is celebrated not only in Europe but in most of the countries of the world. At this time, the roads decorated with garlands of light, the house is decorated with colored paper. A Christmas tree is placed in front of the house. Christmas is the old man, Santa Claus, the messenger of joy who secretly comes to every house with gifts. Prayers are said in the church. Relatives come to every house. All around is full of joy.


Jesus on the cross: -

As the popularity of Jesus grew, so did the conspiracies of selfish people. The propaganda against Jesus began. The Roman rulers and priests doubted that Jesus would become king of the land. If Jesus is made king, then the king's interests will be harmed. So the ruler Herod became very angry with Jesus. Eventually, one of Jesus' children, Judas, handed him over to his enemies for a small money sum. The farce of justice began. Jesus was finally crucified and put to death. Jesus was crucified and killed in Jerusalem. Jesus forgave these murderers in the midst of the agony of death. He prayed to God, "Father, forgive them.

Christmas day essay

Conclusion: More than two thousand years have passed since the birth of the short-lived great man Jesus. He is still immortalized in the minds of thousands and billions of people around the world. People have lived for centuries based on his preached words and beliefs. There is no death of this great man; he is immortal.

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