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Holidays Celebrated on December 25th

What holidays are Celebrated on December 25th

Good Friday is a holiday celebrated by Christians. This day has more names, such as Holy Friday, Black Friday, or Great Friday. According to a story, he secretly gave three gold bags to three poor girls' fathers to be used as a dowry. In this way, he rescued the poor girls from prostitution. According to another story, he went to an inn whose owner had just killed three boys and stuffed their body parts into barrels. He then gave life to those boys.


Holidays Celebrated on December

Now one may ask, this day is a day of extreme mourning. How can the day of death of the one on whom Christianity’s very foundation stands to is ‘good’! Nana Muni has different views on the word 'good' on Good Friday. Some people say 'good' means 'holy.’ Others say that the word 'good' is a corruption of the word 'god.’ Gave the verdict.


With the help of Judas Iscariot, a disciple of Jesus, the temple guards arrested Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Judas was given 30 silver coins as a reward for betraying Jesus. Judas told the guards that Jesus would be the one he would kiss. Jesus brought to Hanna’s palace. Hanna was the father-in-law of Caiaphas, the high priest appointed for that year. He takes to Caiaphas. There the Sanhedrin (the supreme court authorities of ancient Israel) gathered together.


At Jesus' trial, several witnesses testified against each other. Jesus did not say a word in that context. Finally, the high priest himself got up and ordered Jesus to swear an oath. He said, "For God's sake, tell us, are you the Christ, the Son of God?" Jesus answered, “You said it yourself. Moreover, I tell you that you will see that the Son of Man will be on the right hand of the Almighty from now on. You will see him come down again in the clouds. The high priest accused Jesus of blasphemy. Jesus' Sanhedrin trial ended with his execution. Meanwhile, Peter, who was waiting in the courtyard during the practice, denied three times that Jesus had a relationship with him. Jesus, of course, knew in advance that Peter would deny him three times.


Holidays Celebrated on December

The next morning all the courtiers took Jesus to the Roman emperor Pontius Pilate. He was accused of treason, obstructing Caesar's revenue, and declaring himself king. Pilate allowed the Jewish socialists to judge and punish Jesus according to their law. But Jewish socialists said they were not allowed to carry out executions under Roman rule. Know Real History about Christmas.


Pilate himself interrogated Jesus and told the Jewish judges that he could not find any reason to punish Jesus. Knowing that Jesus was a Galilean, he left Herod, the ruler of Galilee, to judge Jesus. Herod was in Jerusalem at the time of the Passover feast. Herod questioned Jesus and found no answer. He sent Jesus back to the pilot. Pilate told the socialists that neither he nor Herod was blaming Jesus. In the end, Pilate offered to release Jesus only by whipping him to solve the problem.


According to the Passover feast custom, the Romans released a prisoner on this day at the Jews’ request. The pilot asked the public who they wanted to release. At the high priest’s finger, Helen, the people demanded the release of the murderer Barabbas. When Pilate asked for everyone's opinion on what should be done about
Jesus, they all said in one sentence, "Crucify him." Pyle's wife had seen Jesus in a dream the night before. He warned the pilot, "Don't hurt this righteous man."


Holidays Celebrated on December

The pilot whipped Jesus and brought him back to the public to be released. The high priest then got a new charge of blasphemy against Jesus. Frightened, Pilate took Jesus inside again to interrogate him.


In front of the crowd, Pilate again declared Jesus innocent. He washed his hands in water and said that he would not take part in the trial of Jesus. But to prevent possible riots and to keep his job, the pilot ordered Jesus to be crucified. Jesus carried a crucifix "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews" to Golgotha. Siren Simon helped him take the cross. He was crucified along with two other criminals in Golgotha.

Jesus was Jesus’rucified for six hours. In the last three hours (from three o'clock in the afternoon), darkness covered the whole area. Jesus cried out and died. There is an earthquake, the tombstones are broken, and the main temple’s curtain is torn from top to bottom. The centurion responsible for the crucifixion cried out, "This is truly the Son of God."


Holidays Celebrated on December

Joseph of Arimathea, a secret follower of Jesus, a member of the Sanhedrin, did not consent to Jesus' trial. He asked the pilot for the body of Jesus. Another secret follower of Jesus, Nicodemus, a member of the Sanhedrin, came forward to help wrap Jesus' body with a hundred pounds of spices. Pilate ordered Centurion to find out if Jesus had died. A soldier struck Jesus on the body with a spear, and blood and water gushed out of his mouth. Centurion gave Pilate the news of Jesus' death.


Joseph of Arimathea wrapped Jesus' body in clean linen cloth and placed it in a stone tomb he had built for himself in a garden not far from where he was crucified. Nicodemus came with a few more herbs mixed with soybeans. According to Jewish funeral rites, they left them in the veil with the body of Jesus. They covered the face of the tomb with a large stone. As soon as the sunset, they returned home. On the third day, Sunday, Jesus was resurrected. Easter is celebrated through forty days of fasting, prayer, and repentance. The last week of forty days of fasting is called the week of virtue.

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