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XMas Instead of Christmas | Story Behind XMas

How come Christmas is called X-mas


Many people write ‘Happy Christmas’ in English to wish Christmas, and many people write ‘Happy Xmas.’ But have you ever wondered how Christmas came to be called Xmas? Let's find out.


Many people think this X is used as a symbol of Jesus Christ. Again, many people believe that Christmas is called Xmas. There is also a misconception that the word Christmas has been made secular by removing the name Christ or Christ from the story. In reality, the reason for saying this Xmas is entirely different.


XMas  Instead of Christmas

The word Christmas is written in Greek as Χριστός (English Christos, pronounced Christos). Its spelling begins with the letter look like (Greek pronunciation kai) to look like X. In ancient Christian art, χ, and χρ are abbreviated to Christ’s name. Χριστος, The Letter X is also used as an abbreviation of in the New Testament. And from there, Christmas gets shorter. Christmas had also forbidden in America and Britain.

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